torsdag 24 juli 2008

Dom Dummaste - Sympati För Djävulen LP 1982

Time for Dom Dummastes first LP and it is quite hard for me to say much about it so lets deal with the players first. Of course we have Martin Rössel and Lars Cleveman, the two pranksters with a more deep side, something that will get apparent here. their songwriting is just great, from such beautiful lyrics like "går min väg" or "sympati för djävulen" to the fast cohen-inspired song "smycken" or the dark as blackest night Våroffer where Cleveman puts his operatic skills inte full action, and of course Rössels masterpiece "hymn för oktober". i always start each fall with hymn... its a perfect review of the year thats gone by. additional players is also Henrik Stawe (from guds barn), Anders Hernestam (ståålfågel, commando m pigg, now in weeping willows), ralf nygård (from boojwah kids), håkan soold (from guds barn, now in the plastic pals) and olle schedin (from cellskräck, guds barn, later in all-starband global infantilists). a large collective of musicians producing great popmusic with depth. just listen to the closing track, Schedins Psalm. its so beautiful it hurts. get this.

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