onsdag 6 februari 2008

GPJ - Tristess No 3 7" 1979

Heres another fantastic and fantastically rare minimal synth gem from the swedish underground. I dont know much about the band, all bandmembers having strange stagenames, but what i do know is that they released this single on EFMD (Enad Front Mot Disco = "United Front Against Disco") based in Vänsterhaninge just outside Stockholm. Great synth, drummachine and guitarplaying, the a-side being HEAVILY inspired by Tuxedomoons "Everything you want" (the best song ever made), its practically the same song but with different lyrics. The b-side is even weirder. Dont miss this one.

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jean sa...

fett. detta kan ju inte betraktas som annat än en cover. b-sidan påminner också om något, kan inte riktigt komma på vad bara.

Anonym sa...

Is it possible to post some of harder to find albums of Twice A Man? I've heard only: Music for Girls and The Sound of a Goat in a Room. They're great. I think it's the best swedish band of the 80s. Thankyou for your posts and keep up the good job!

Anonym sa...

Suverän blogg.



jean sa...

jag insåg att b-sidan på denna påminner ganska mkt om refrängen i devos "strange pursuit".

Paw Bosack sa...

Great blog!
Perhaps you are able to help me out a bit. I've been looking for a Swedish band called Sili kon carne (perhaps spelled a bit different). I think they were from Stockholm around 1980. Do you have any information about this group or perhaps any recordings?