tisdag 19 februari 2008

VA - Dansa Med Fig. 13. LP 1983

I just won this on a swedish auctionsite so lets celebrate! This is THE rare swedish minimal synthcompilation, a fine selection of stockholms undergroundscene at that moment. Released on Kitchen & The Plastic Spoon-member Iggos Castor Records in 1983 in perhaps 300 copies, although i read somewhere that it was pressed in a larger amount but most of the copies were destroyed in a fire. Im not sure if thats true.
To start everything off Johan Vävare, one of the best and most underrated producers, does a little synthjingle, maybe owing a little to tuxedomoon. Vävare were involved in most of the electronic scene in stockholm and produced loads of that great stuff. Elektriska Cellskapet does a great synthwave tune but i have no idea whos behind the band, help appreciated. Then theres Salaligan, which were a band of criminals ravaging sweden in the 1930s or a great synthband doing a fantastic song about swedens own natives samerna. The lyrics to this song is too great. "Jag är i stockholm för att äta edra barn. Årstider åtta ska jag bo och verka här. När jag är färdig skall ni veta vem jag är!". Its kind of apocalyptic about a magician from the north coming to stockholm, dancing in nightclubs and ensnaring people with his magic. It cant be described. If anyone knows more about this fantastic band please tell me. Ah and then theres a weird one, Theyr from iceland somehow got into this compilation. They're great (ha-ha..). I have no information on Indikation, as well as Autonom 82 or Zoo although there was a band called Zoo releasing a few singles in the late eighties. Perhaps its the same band. Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons does The Poet, their best song, or is Filmen their best... I love the insane laughter in the middle. This incarnation of the Kitchen saw Iodine Jupiter on vocals and i think its their best period. He does a solonumber on this as well, a sort of spoken word piece which is great. Nowadays hes a mad magician doing gothcabaret and occult poetry. Carl Myrén is a weird guy, an upper class twit that somehow got to record an album for Stranded Rekords. The song he plays here was his single "hit" and a sort of uptempo madness about how great life is. Kind of weird to have that song among the more dark wavebands... Cortex with the great Freddie Wadling does a Dr John cover and wonderful as always. Its a shame they didnt record an Lp during this, their best period somewhere around 82-84. Finally Temp does a great song and they also released an album about 85 i think, but that one is quite boring and the cover is dreadful. Ok loads of nothing about these bands... just listen to this great compilation. I had to split the folder in two parts but i hope thats ok:
HERE part 1
HERE for part 2

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Anonym sa...


This was a great compilation of synthwave weirdity. I thought the Italia and Netherlandic synth compilations I had heard were weird. This one , definitely, took the cake. Thanks for shareing such an interesting album. You should celebrate purchaseing such an interesting piece. I especially liked the band singing about the waitress, elektriska cellskapet.Cool stuff friend.


Curious Guy sa...

Excellent compilation. Thanks for this!

Anonym sa...

Salaligan was really weird and wonderful. You were right about the apocalyptic lyrics - it got me thinking about early Human League. They had some similar themes with songs like Circus of death, A crow and a baby, The black hit of space and others.

Galliano sa...

Congrats to Albin for winning the auction!

I bought this record some years ago at the annual fleamarket (organized by the local sport club)in Spillersboda, a small village by the sea in the Stockholm archipelargo.

They sold some vinyl records there, the usual crap like really bad 80's-90's stuff that never got sold in some record shop, worn and/or bad 70's disco/hit compilations and swedish danceband music.

It's totally weird to find this ultra-rare minimal gem in such a place.

When I asked the salesman how much the records were, he replied:
I don't remember if we said
"5 records for SEK 10 (EUR 1)" or
"10 records for SEK 5 (EUR 0.5)". You can decide!

Of course I chose the later option and selected 9 semi-crappy records to follow the Dansa med fig. 13 home to my collection.

10 records for EUR 0.5, that means I got this gem for EUR 0.05.
A decent price, I'd say... :)

Galliano sa...

Salaligan has also made a track called "Gubben i skogen", released on some Swedish (even more) rare cassette compilation.

"Gubben i skogen" is also a really strange track, but the lyrics are perhaps not as twisted as "Samen".

Albin sa...

yeah ive heard "gubben i skogen" and its great, but its not as great as samen. i spoke to a guy who were in contact with some of the bandmembers and he promised me to send a cd with some of their material. but of course that never happened... do you know what cassettecompilation Gubben is from?
and congratulations to the great price. dansa med fig 13 for 5kr is too great. until i got this one i dreamed of finding it in a cheap fleamarket. but well i got it for about 700kr which is ok.

iggo sa...

Hehe, this is excellent!
I know why there's only a few copy's left from the original 1000 that was made. The album sold so bad that Stranded/Polar records just tossed about 800 in the garbage.
Elektriska Cellskapet was me/ iggo and Patrik from Kitchen with Stefan Lindström on vocal, he sang in the last version of Kitchen but only live. Johan Vävare also appeared in that late band line up.
Zoo was John Essing and Mats Andersson from bob hund with Peter von Gegerfeldt on vocal.
I have asked Salaligan about release some of there recorded work on cd but they are not interested at all, at least not for the moment.
Im really glad that my album finally seams to this be this covet that I thinking of re-release it as a cd again.
By the way, Kitchen reher agan and going to perform a couple of gigs this automn, check here: myspace.com/kitchenandtheplasticspoons

iggo sa...

Some more information for you!
Indikation is Bosse Slum aka Bo Ko, Bosse Fot etc on voice and guitars. On bass Martin Sörling from Grisen Skriker.
Automn 82 is John Essing on guitars, iggo on bass&electronics, Olivier Potriell on vocal and sax from the french sax-army Urban Sax and Anders Hellström on drums. This tracks and Cortex was recorded at CTR-studio engineered by produced by iggo and Arnold Hedin who also recorded the Elektriska Cellskapet.

Jan Sundström sa...

Iggo, THANKS A LOT for sharing this info. It's invaluable!
BTW, Arnold is an ex-colleague of mine from Tanto, I didn't know he was involved in this cult production. Cool!
It seems that Salaligan re-released the two songs as MP3, but I can't get the download to work:

Hoping for the live gig with K&TPS to take place in some shape, at some date this autumn...

Anonym sa...

Very interesting comp, thank you!

sexy sa...