måndag 19 maj 2008

IS9 - Röda Hjärtans Extas 7" 1983

Great first single by gothenburg band IS9. after this they released one lp and the single i posted a while back. smart arrangements and a slight nod to gang of four or echo and the bunnymen. released by vinylbolaget, a label from borås i think, that also released their other albums and some other stuff that arent worth to mention. get it.

5 kommentarer:

bingo sa...

If you ever locate those Skuggan Rukar tapes please mail me at cinico at gmail dot com. Thanks for the sharing! Much good stuff.

Micke sa...

Tack för detta! Skulle bli mycket tacksam om du har lust att lägga upp deras lp också. Ett klart underskattat band.

slicklyn sa...

Hade också blivit överlycklig om du lade upp deras LP här! har den på vinyl någonstans men hittar den inte :(

My Family sa...

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