lördag 31 maj 2008

Zzzang Tumb - ST LP 1983

A record for your summer parties. We all know where the phrase zzang tumb comes from, but the band formed in the early eighties by Latte Kronlund, in stockholm, who played around in a studio with a drum machine and funky rythms from his bass. from this lineup a whole band soon emerged with among others iodine jupiter from porno pop moon family, soon to be in kitchen and the plastic spoons, sisters idde and irma schultz and a bunch of other people. they developed lattes ideas about a funky new wave band and grew very tight as a performing entity, so on this record, they play great funky wave with loads of slap bass and rhythm. somewhere on the road they managed to get hold of siouxsie and the banshees guitarist john mcgeoch and made him come and produce the album. included here as a bonus track is the b-side for their second single, a cover of bowies andy warhol.

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Anonym sa...

For those of us who do not speak swedish(nor get google able to translate), do tell us what the phrase means, and where it came from. You have peaked my curiosity.


albin sa...

it would be great to hear a language that actually has a word like ZZZANG TUMB!. but no, swedish is not the answer... think about italy. beginning of the 21th century. the futurists. their leader marinetti. his great poem about a bombardment where the bullets go ZZZANG-TUMB!. "sciumi maritza o karvavena ta ta ta ta ta giiiitumb gii-tumb ZZZANG-TUMB srrrrrr GRANG GRANG"

Anonym sa...

Yeah, and we all know our italian futurist poems by heart, right...

/ FB2

Albin sa...

yes exactly :)
excuse me, it was not my intention to sound like a stuck up git.

Anonym sa...


Anonym sa...

Wow, I never heard that poem. I like, and write poetry myself. I will be sure to look this one up. Maybe have to translate somewhere though,eh? I have italia blood in me, but don't seak it.:)


Anonym sa...

Oh,o.k I have heard of this fellow. He was the one who had made all of his own experimental instruments, but al of the recordings had been desroyed. What few there were. The work, if I remember right, was being re-created in some college somewere. The art of noise. Though, I haven't heard the poem before. Very cool. Nice histor lesson with this post. Thank-you:)


Jan Sundström sa...

Gammalt livefoto på Latte Kronlund här! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=669331&id=564164689#pid=703848

Anonym sa...

Tack så hemskt mycket! Har letat efter den länge.

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Admin sa...

For those of us who do not speak swedish(nor get google able to translate), do tell us what the phrase means, and where it came from. You have peaked my curiosity.
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Unknown sa...
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david sa...

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