tisdag 18 november 2008

Schnabel - Herre Med Portfölj 7" 1980

For me, this is a giant leap in their musical abilities. where the previous single was rather dull, this one hits all the right buttons and delivers two fantastic, unresistable pop tunes! this single was one of the first to be released on the now legendary Stranded rekords, and apparently only 50 copies were sold with a cover (large, fold-out poster-cover) so its a sort of rarity. after this, as i said, they changed their name and got really interesting. more of them soon. meanwhile, enjoy these two a-sides.

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chops sa...

Farenheit? Vi har sprängt? Hoppas, hoppas.

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Unknown sa...

good share. I will buy it

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Kaylene Norris sa...

Love it! I think Im going to buy it.

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