lördag 8 mars 2008

Kabbala Kitsch - 3 X Herman Hesse 7" 1981

Kabbala Kitsch were another great band from Malmö. Heavily inspired by the late magician Aliester Crowley and in their own words played "magic shit". Formed in 1977 as Skunk, then played as Zakkes Armé until 1980 when they changed their name to Kabbala Kitsch. This single is interesting in many ways. First its three takes on poetry by Herman Hesse, and it was released by now famous litterature publishers Bakhåll, being the second release of music by that "label". And of course its great dark punk with some leanings to more traditional rock. Get it

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Anonym sa...

Crowley-inspirerat malmöband man INTE hört talas om i heartwork och sånna prettopunksammanhang alltså, skåne upphör inte att förvåna:D