söndag 9 mars 2008

Zon 6 - Som En Tiger 7" 1983

I think this is as close to no wave sweden got. Zon 6 were a kind of follow up to Elegi, a fantastic female-fronted jazzpostpunkband from Stockholm and Uppsala. Make sure you download their only LP from tystforfan HERE. This single were the bands only release and its a shame because its a great postpunk brew of freejazz, some nice synthplaying and more 80's standard rock. Hans Thunberg (who produced Unter Den Lindens debut LP, also in Elegi) later formed Underland, a more banal history... Marie Samuelsson, also from Elegi, would after this single concentrate more on her work for dance productions and studies on composing. An often ignored gem of the postpunk era:

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