fredag 28 mars 2008

Stadion Der Jugend - Väktare Av Mörkret 7" 1982

Stadion Der Jugend formed from the ashes of several punkbands from the stockholm underground. Bosse Löthen and Nils Fagerberg previously played in legendary punkband Skabb and later joined the loose collective Psynkopat together with, among others, Petter Brundell (ståålfågel) and Hans Thunberg (elegi). Psynkopat released one lp and a single and then disbanded. After that Bosse and Nils started Hjärnstorm with Jan Bergstrand and Bengt Lilja, recording one 12" and participating in recording some songs with solo artist Johan Lindell. I guess hjärnstorm eventually developed into stadion der jugend, adding celloplayer sebastian öberg. having an electronically treated cello instead of guitar gave them a totally unique sound, a desperately cold air well displayed here on their debut single. one of the top gems in swedish music history. after this release they dropped der jugend and became stadion, releasing even better music which will soon follow. enjoy

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