lördag 5 april 2008

Stadion - Kan Inte Se 7" 1982

Yes, its another one of those BEST RECORDS EVER MADE! as i said, stadion der jugend dropped the der jugend and became stadion, switched vocal duties between the drummer and singer and made Bosse Löthen (now a radiohost in swedish national radio) singer. a very wise choice i believe as he has that cold touch to the words that fits so well into stadions quite cold wave-music. this is their first effort as stadion, and what a single it is. kan inte se has wonderful slabs of electronic cello and modern synthflavours but what makes this a real stunner is the b-side alaska. funky, electronic and one of the best choruses ive ever heard. its amazing that this record never got the attention it so well deserved. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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