tisdag 22 april 2008

V/A - Cosa Nostra TAPE 1981

Another rare as hell obscurity! This tape is a fantastic oddity in the swedish history. not to be mistaken for an ordinary compilationtape, as a fantastic bonus henrik franzén (from grisen skriker, 22 för många) reads small spoken word bits between each track as to present them. short totally weird utterances about him working in a museum where each band performs, all in line with his poetry at the time. theres even two commercial jingles for local stores that helped produce this tape! but when you get to appreciate these little odd touches you can start listening to the fantastic music. i mean, with bands like odd stories, kitchen and the plastic spoons, di leva, dom dummaste etc. it cant go wrong. most tracks are exclusive to this release, but sadly not the kitchentrack as it also can be found on the dansa med fig lp. however, the more unknown band here are really great. schnabel released two singles of powerpop then changed name to fahrenheit and released two more, here playing a song inbetween both stages in the bands transformation. döende dandies plays a fantastic cold wavetracks (any info would be appreciated). i think jack mazo were the bassplayer in kitchen and the ps, but im not sure. this is essential stuff for minimal synth, postpunk, coldwave etc collectors. DO NOT MISS THIS!
and yes, i didnt want henriks spoken bits disrubted so i ripped it as two files, side A and B.

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Anonym sa...

This was a very interesting compilation. It is strange in the new it was set up, though. It was a very enjoyable tape. Tack!

Mr Love sa...
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Mr Love sa...

Thank you so much for this, the Pillisnorks EP and the Modern Art single, I almost can't believe it - 3 super rarities in one go!! I've been a huge Di Leva fan for years but I even didn't know about this tape and the track "Mothers", which turned out to be amazing!

Now there's only one early Di Leva track left to hunt for, "Circle in different shapes" by Modern Art, released only as part of the 4x7" box set "Dansa med mamma".

Again thank you so much!

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