måndag 14 april 2008

Viva! - I Splitter Av Ljud LP 1982

I had not listened to this for some years now and i gave it a spin yesterday. what a record! on this album viva! managed to take all the great stuff simple minds did and take the sound to a new and unique level. this is high class new wave with fantastic songs. i especially like "du som ingen förstod", which they released as a single as well. apparently they got quite a lot of critical acclaim for this record and were praised as a new swedish musical hope, and i can understand why. sadly, after this release they never got the big commercial break and remained in obscurity. i guess this was their artistic and commercial peak. and by the way, dont miss the new blog with radio recordings of swedish bands, where you can get a fine liveshow with viva.

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soundmill sa...


Great blog!!

I love this band, do you have their other records in hi-res (320)?

keep going

soundmill sa...

It's me again :)

Are you Peter (dadakoko from slsk)?


Albin sa...


Stathis sa...


can you please re-post this LP?

Thank you very much

Efstathiou Stathis

Peluzinho sa...

Please, reupload. All links with Viva is down. Could reupload, please reupload. Impossible to find it in net today.