torsdag 24 april 2008

Mercedes Prata TAPE 198?

To follow up my post with their fantastic 7": heres the tape! a fantastic excursion into no wave territories with a cheap drummachine and four people playing weird, weird music. a pity if you dont know the swedish language as the lyrics featured here is great. did anybody say dada? i have no idea who these people were so please, any information would be much appreciated! and as you can see theres no date on the tape (no cover either). almost 40 minutes of brilliant post-punk-jazz-wave-experiments!

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soundhead sa...

loving this!

Anonym sa...

Bandet, som kallade sin musik elektromekanisk, bildades 1981. Gruppen bestod av Ingvar Sjöberg (gitarr), Birgitta Morin (sång), Tomas Lidén (saxofon), Max Book (bas) och en trummaskin.

Info från Samling-CD:n/Utställningskatalogen Tänd Mörkret

Anonym sa...

Max Book höll ett föredrag igår på Bonniers konsthall, visade massa videoklipp osv med experimentell musik 50-90, noise/no-wave osv.
Sen följde fyra bra spelningar