tisdag 15 april 2008

Stjärnfångarna - Svarta Hajar 7" 1981

Another obscure swedish band that i know next to nothing about. all i know is that they were from Kalmar, only released this single and two tracks on a pang-compilation. the reason i bought this is that the great Henrik Venant produced the single! so the three members in the band does their best to imitate henriks sound in tt-reuter, the singer really tries to sound like venant and the bass player tries to get the same sound as peter ivarss. although its quite silly with a group trying to be somebody else i think they did a great job, both tracks portraying excellent wavepunk. i also included the two compilation tracks in the archive. and yes, jimmy cyklon from cosmic overdose designed the labels for the single. enjoy.

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New wave sa...

The link leeds to two other songs. Is there a link to the two songs on the record?

Unknown sa...

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