söndag 27 juli 2008

Martin Rössel - För Mycket Tid LP 1983

If you liked martins side on revolverkäke youre in for a treat here, as most of the material here is in the same vein. from the funny, country-parody "vardagsproblem" to the haunting "nina" (a sort of remake of lilla fågeln on revolverkäke, dedicated to his sister), expressing a mature depth in songwriting that he never really managed to live up to on his later recordings. mostly its brilliant in its lush pop-format, expressing a wide range of emotions. theres even a fine cover of satellite of love, another wink to his ancestors, lou reed and the velvet underground. highly recommended!

lördag 26 juli 2008

Martin Rössel & The Dum-Dum Boys - Pablo Picasso 7" 1982

For some reason Martin Rössels first solo-single (if you could call it that, as i guess most of the other dom dummaste most likely appears here, although under weird pseudonyms) was released on Pulsating Beat, a label managed by a fanzine from Linköping called Jörvars Gosskör (most famous for spawning popular culture-tabloid writer jan gradvall). nevertheless we get two great covers of DDs favourite artists, pablo picasso originally by jonathan richman and heartbreak hotel in a version much more a cover of a cover, namely john cales version of elvis classic hit. and as you can see from the fantastic cover its a great one, with dark synths and even a guillotine played somewhere along the lines.

(M Som I Maskin, Mördare M.M. CD-R 2008)

Ok I promised the guys in this band to publish their new album on this page, so if youre just interested in the old quality stuff scroll up and download martin rössels first excellent single. but if you want to hear some new sounds from my hometown you could always try to listen to a few tracks on this release. if you can get past the horrible vocals and lack of structure i think theyre quite ok, heavily influenced by the golden years 77-83 and all. with drum machines, vintage synths and very odd production. apparently they inprovise all their songs live in the studio! and if you happen to like some of this im sure they will be glad to hear it from you, just visit their myspace (or leave a comment here).

fredag 25 juli 2008

Dom Dummaste - Revolverkäke LP 1984

What a beautiful cover, dont you think? Second LP by DD, and yes its a great one. For this they dropped most of their more majestic moves on the previous lp and returned to the more minimal approach to synths and organ - much like that on the debut cassette. again, this should be one of those records that fetches silly sums on ebay labeled minimal synth. but it doesnt. and again, martin rössel shows his skills as a writer, mostly on the sweet "lilla fågeln" and "hösten stannar kvar". clevemans side is also filled with classics, such as "fast i skallen" and perhaps "psyke" (a song he wrote while in his first band, Blomsterunge, more on them later on). both sides are filled with synth galore and john cale is thanked on the innersleeve which is very appropriate as clevemans more mellow bits is filled with nico/cale influences. and theres even a great cover of cales classic "king harry" translated to swedish. sadly this was dds last record for almost a decade, as martin and lars focused on their solo careers... more of them coming soon. please, make this one of those legendary records that everyone just got to have. pump the price up on ebay so to force martin and lars to release this on cd so that more people can enjoy this. and for gods sake visit their website and tell them you love this, i know you will. enjoy!

torsdag 24 juli 2008

Dom Dummaste - Sympati För Djävulen LP 1982

Time for Dom Dummastes first LP and it is quite hard for me to say much about it so lets deal with the players first. Of course we have Martin Rössel and Lars Cleveman, the two pranksters with a more deep side, something that will get apparent here. their songwriting is just great, from such beautiful lyrics like "går min väg" or "sympati för djävulen" to the fast cohen-inspired song "smycken" or the dark as blackest night Våroffer where Cleveman puts his operatic skills inte full action, and of course Rössels masterpiece "hymn för oktober". i always start each fall with hymn... its a perfect review of the year thats gone by. additional players is also Henrik Stawe (from guds barn), Anders Hernestam (ståålfågel, commando m pigg, now in weeping willows), ralf nygård (from boojwah kids), håkan soold (from guds barn, now in the plastic pals) and olle schedin (from cellskräck, guds barn, later in all-starband global infantilists). a large collective of musicians producing great popmusic with depth. just listen to the closing track, Schedins Psalm. its so beautiful it hurts. get this.

lördag 12 juli 2008

Dom Dummaste - Julsingel -81 7" 1981

Second release and the first appearance of Dom Dummaste on vinyl. On this christmas single, released just in time for the holiday shopping in 1981, DD moved out of the EMS studio and went for a sound more like that of their live shows. A thing i forgot to mention is that they seem to divide the writing duties on each album, so that on this, the A-side is written and sung by Lars Cleveman, while the b-side is by Martin Rössel - an approach they used for most of their albums. This is great stuff, the dark synth-parts on jesu kristi and the neat zappa-esque pop of borta. An essential classic!

fredag 11 juli 2008

Dom Dummaste - Lars Cleveman, Martin Rössel & Dom Dummaste TAPE 1980

Although mutant sounds posted this fantastic cassette a while back i might as well post it here so that more people have a chance to hear the magic that is dom dummaste. dom dummaste's history is a long one, they still exists to this day and performs sporadically, but it all started at a late night party where Martin Rössel met then (and still is) opera-singer Lars Cleveman. they shared a love for bowie, eno and especially iggy pop with his 77-album the idiot, where one of the songs, dum dum boys, gave them their name, roughly translated to swedish as Dom Dummaste. with absurd humor as one of their main strengths coupled with a mad sense of absolute reality they wrote songs, and started performing live together with some friends, but during their long existence lots of people have mingled among their ranks and the only two people thats always remained as the main core is Martin and Lars. This fantastic tape was recorded in the legendary swedish EMS-studio, a sort of focus point for the experimental electronic music in the 60-70s, where the two took lectures in electronic composing. when the studio was emptied at night, they snuck in and recorded this mass of electronic absurdity. needless to say it is unique in swedish contemporary music, and dom dummaste have never really managed to record something like this again, even though their following albums are great. listen to "labyrint 1" (a track not included in the 90's reissue) and drift away to the magnificent piano only to be struck down to earth by the harsh utterings of a military experiment gone wrong, or "ståltråd åt grabbarna", one of my favourites, where lars belches out all that is wrong with our society. this is truly genius at work. and id better label it minimal synth, as well, since it reaches those goals, but this is so much more. as i said, dd still exists to this day, and even have a very nice website which youll have to visit.

måndag 7 juli 2008

Artificial - Bilder 7" 1984

I found this rarity while browsing a fine recordstore in stockholm. dont know much about the band though, only that its another fine effort from my hometown umeå. five guys playing a slight commercial new wave with hints of soul but doing it very well. i especially like the cool sleeve. any information about this band would be appreciated, as always.