lördag 16 augusti 2008

Martin Rössel - Kär 7" 1990

I could say a lot of things about martin rössels late eighties solocareer, but i wont. lets just say that he released three solo LPs and a lot of singles. one lp on gothenburg alternative label Radium Records and the other two on one of the majors, CBS. this single, however, taken from his last LP, Resan, is an excellent exercise in silly pop music. i first heard the title track in frispel, a weird program on the swedish national radio, and looked for it for many years until i found out he was a member of a early eighties band and finally i managed to find this record. its so silly its brilliant! the b-side is quite good as well, a bit synth-flavoured and all.

fredag 15 augusti 2008

Lars Cleveman - 100 Wars Of Jesus Christ 7" 1986

Second single from Cleveman's solo career (although most of Dom Dummaste plays on this record), with a remake of what would have been their biggest "hit", jesu kristi 100 krig. this time in english and with a new arrangement, leaving a bit of the pure synth joy that was the original and updating it to 1985. the b-side shows cleveman at his most john cale-ish, drenched in traditional blues, something im not especially fond of but overall its a great performance. also, its produced by one of the best producers in sweden, johan vävare. if you like DDs vision of the world theres no turning back now, get this as well.

torsdag 14 augusti 2008

Lars Cleveman - Cleveman LP 1985

If you loved Lars Clevemans single or his parts on Revolverkäke youll love this as well. another slice of minimal synth goodness that, as usual, should be selling on ebay for 100000000$, but as its been almost forgotten since its release i guess its no surprise most people havent heard this. So, this is great synth-based heaven, with Lars voice as good as it always is. Sometimes, though, he fumbles a bit with the english language, but its ok, since hes such a great singer. The music reminds me a bit of Cluster and similar kraut-electronica at times, but also of DDs contemporaries of the time. Just like Martin Rössels solo-LP this was released on DD-records and recorded in Martins private studio. Do not miss this, its GREAT!

söndag 3 augusti 2008

Lars Cleveman - The Ghost 7" 1984

Up for grabs today is Lars Clevemans first solo output, a single released on Dom Dummastes own label DD records. this should please all minimal synth collectors with its mellow synths and lars' great vocals. the b-side is a remake of the title track off Revolverkäke and i think it beats the original many times over. also, ive just heard that a book is in the making, in time for DDs 30th anniversary, so stay tuned for more information on that or check their site again. more cleveman coming soon...