måndag 31 december 2007

Reeperbahn - Dansar 7" 1982

Everything is quiet on new years day. Reeperbahn were a strange band, they were very popular in their own time, had a major label deal and sold a lot of records WITH the ability to still make great music. They started out as a charming powerpop/punkpop-band and naturally evolved into a more new wave, Talking Heads-inspired music like most of their contemporaries did. I find it a bit weird that they had minor hits with songs where singer Olle Ljungström (Now a renowned solomusician) laid his original visions of sex, drugs and life in the modern world. Songs like that would never even touch the charts nowadays. This single is from the start of their best period when they switched record company from Mercury (although this single's still on Mercury) to more new-wave oriented Stranded Rekords. And of course, the other singer who used to share vocal duties with Olle, Dan Sundquist, left to his solo career. The b-side is one of the best songs ive heard. But who does the vocals? Could it be Dan? It doesnt sound like him but maybe its him... Get it:

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Anonym sa...

Singer is Jan Kyhle.
These days opera singer.

MCA sa...

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