torsdag 11 september 2008

Dansdepartementet - Niagara LP 1986

With their second LP Dansdepartementet took hold of the style they created on the previous records, and pushed it further into magnificent goth-territory! although not many bands in sweden at that time had the influences Dansarna had, those band existed but never managed to make something great out of gothness. however, dansarna is the perfect example of "goth" that is so much more than bleak landscapes etc. this is very hard-hitting post-punk, filled with personal lyrics, great, catchy synth parts and a fantastic rhythmsection. the only band i can think of that managed to do something equally brilliant with their KJ-obsession is polands Siekiera. and i must say that this should be highly ranked on the international scale, possibly even higher than most of KJs own albums! in the nineties nonstop-label released a sort of best-of compilation with most of Dansdepartementets material, but i cant find their website and so cant direct you to a place to buy it. so i guess youll have to settle for this rip, but what a fantastic record this is.

8 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

JAAAAA!!! Underbart, tack!

Anonym sa...

"Min lilla syster älskar att lita på mig, med blänkande ögon söker hon mig..."

Anonym sa...

Återförening? 25års jubileum? Dansdepartementet, snälla!

DiNer0 sa...

Helt underbart!!
Så kul att höra plattan igen..
Glömmer aldrig en spelning i Helsingborg på nån sylta nära Kärnan... i ett annat årtusende :)

Unknown sa...

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mrblack sa...

"Min lilla syster älskar att lita på mig, med blänkande ögon söker hon mig..."
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