torsdag 23 oktober 2008

22 För Många - First TAPE 1981

Grisen Skriker was one of swedens first punkbands, along with their friends ebba grön they played tons of gigs around the suburbs of stockholm, often in silly costumes or as at their last gig - completely nude. but where ebba grön continued to evolve into swedens version of the clash, Grisen disbanded due to their singer being forced by his parents to travel to usa. without the aid of a singer, the rest of Grisen skriker became Raketerna, a catchy pop-band with swindling guitars, a sort of distant cousin to U2. the singer, however, eventually came back to sweden and started his own, new band together with two friends and a drummer. the singer was and is Henrik Franzén, the two friends were Mikael Söderlund on guitar and Catarina Silverforsen on bass and vocals. i have no idea who the drummer was. the band was 22 För Många. the rest should be history, but no. although recieving a bit of attention through fanzines, national radio and performing theatrical gigs no one seem to remember them these days and no reissues have been made, even though their entire output has been circulating on torrentsites. 22 för många had and still have a genuine form of expression that no swedish band could or can match. perhaps their audience didnt understand them then, but there is so much to understand from their music. the melodies swell with concealed treasures, storms the mind with its lush, pleasing poetry. mr franzén often focused on that he was an artist, and that everyone is uniqe and artists too. anyway, this is their first tape-LP, self-released in 1981, filled with great songs about life. no cover, sadly, help anyone? enjoy.

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Anonym sa...

Sorry, there was no cover on this one. Just the name of the band and the song titles printed directly on the cassette. The band used to sell it themselves at the gigs. I think the price was 10 kronor so there wasn't really room for any luxury like a real cover. :)

It was recorded at the demo studio Humlan like som of the other ones you have published (Odd Stories etc).

Anonym sa...

Unable to download this one. zshare is such a piece of s**t.

UffePuff sa...

Was this the silver or the red one?
All my stuff's in the attic ...

Anonym sa...

It's silver. A red one - that sounds interesting. Wonder what might be on that?

I'd love to get a better version of the Oasen gig that's been circulating. I think it was aired on some local radio station. Anyone that has a first generation tape rip?

Anonym sa...


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