söndag 30 december 2007

Att Som - Fixerad 7" 1981

Today we offer one of my favorite 7"s from the lesser known swedish "underground". Att Som were a band from Malmö in the south of sweden and only released this EP and participated on a sort of split LP with Karlshamn-band Unter Den Linden. The LP is a fantastic journey through territories explored by Joy Division and will appear here soon. This single is more of a Devo-inspired synth punk madness with a kind of dadaesque take on the lyrics. the first track Aldrig Förr Solen En Hammare means Never Before The Sun A Hammer and i guess its a display of the fear of the nuclear holocaust which where a theme often used by the more introvert bands in the 70-80s. So i hope you enjoy this fantastic quirky post-punk and remember: the atom bomb might fall upon our heads any day now!

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Josef sa...

Väldigt mycket neue deutsche welle över detta skulle jag säga, helt grymt! vielen dank