lördag 2 februari 2008

Cosmic Overdose - 4668 LP 1981

Finally their second and last LP where they continued to develop their nordic, mystic sound. This album is a bit darker and moodier than their first and also more menacing in the lyrics. A sort of bleak fog hangs over the tracks, possibly aquired in their more prog-days but with an almost Suicide-feel with the drummachine (apparently the pattern used for most this LP were nicked from a suicide song, cant remember which one). Its a great album and its "darkness" really gets to me, mostly in Liten Storsint, Hissen and Nina Fontanell. It could be Dans angry vocals or the slightly more cold wave-orientation. When looking upon the scenes in scandinavia its possible to point out some bands that had a distinctly nordic sound, like Cosmic Overdose: Scatterbrain from denmark, Beranek from norway... (If anyone knows more bands that sounds like this, do contact me!). But ive never heard a band that sounds quite like this. And look at the cover, it speaks volumes of the sound found inside. Again, you need this!

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Zombieflesh sa...

One of my alltime favorite albums.
My ex art-teacher (Thomas Andersson/Jimmy Cyklon) is a former member of Cosmic Overdose, he was in this album.

I don't know if you already know this but anyways.. http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=gasleben&p=r

there's three Cosmic Overdose videos in there.
All of the other videos is Twice a Man vids upploaded by Karl Gasleben.