måndag 4 februari 2008

Pillisnorks - 4 Visitors 1980

Pillisnorks were Thomas Dilevas first band, a year before the group evolved into Modern Art. They were based in Gävle, in the quasi-north of sweden, and were very influental in the local punkscene although they didnt play punk. Instead we here can hear great DIY-type postpunk with scratchy guitars and a nice sax-bit in some of the songs. Its a fantastic Ep and if you liked the modern art single you will love this. At least i do. Nowadays Thomas is a sort of jesus-type-figure and still does music, more of that on his website. In a way hes still true to his punkbackground... i actually liked his latest single "vad är frihet (what is freedom)". But this is his best work ever:

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