måndag 2 juni 2008

Mojo Sect - In This Dream 7" 1984

Got this beauty in the mail today and its something so odd as a band from my hometown, Umeå! mojo sect consisted of three people, with various guitarists playing for them live and in the studio. they only released this single, but i think two of the members eventually ended up in swedish pop group komeda. this is great post-punk wave with female vocals, highly recommended!

5 kommentarer:

RudeBoy Noah sa...

great blog, i especially liked that mats olofsson 7'', is there a chance of a reup on this mojo sect as massmirror seems to have deleted

Anonym sa...

Please re-upload this great single.

Anonym sa...

Stort tack för att du laddat upp denna singel igen!

Underbart att få höra dessa alster med Komeda-Lena and Komeda-Marcus från 1984, nästan tio år innan Komedas "Pop på svenska" kom ut.

Anonym sa...

Komeda-Jonas mena ru väl?

Sun Flower sa...

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