fredag 25 januari 2008

Aptit - Han Vågar Inte 7" 1982

This has been a male dominated blog so maybe its time to see some women in action. Aptit were from Gothenburg, with bandmembers including Annica Blennerhed, later in Cortex and a solo career with a whole LP dedicated to Dorothy Parkers poems, and Ruby Berner later and at the same time a member of Abcess Exil. They played great moody postpunk/wave with sweet singing and lyrics about violence against women (Han vågar inte) and equality and the hottest topic around that time: being unique and oneself. Great band, a shame they didnt release more records than this single.

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Jörgen sa...

Somewhere in all my stuff, I have the demo with them, that I recorded in Studio Urania I, on Haga Nygata 13, around midsummer 1981, I think. What an incredible band they were, when it all worked for them. "Såna här gånger.." an instrumental, was one of my favourites.. As their soundengineer, I had the pleasure to hear them many times..