söndag 27 januari 2008

Cosmic Overdose - Dada Koko LP 1980

Why Cosmic Overdoses records dont sell for hundreds of dollars on ebay is beyond me. Their music have all the great ingredients for a minimal synth-classic and even the great cosmic guitarplaying that would satisfy krautrockers as well as post-punknerds. This was their first album, recorded with extra member Regnmakaren on drums synths etc. and it has so many great tracks. Turs, about unearthly love, Puppan, the rants of an outcast, Vit Yta, an artist stuck with his white canvas and so on. The image of Hugo Ball on the cover makes some sense when you hear the semi-dadaistic lyrics. All neatly produced in the silence studio. You need this.

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

är detta rock'n'roll...?

Anonym sa...

Spelar det nån roll? :)

chops sa...

Kan du inte lägga upp Unter DEn Lindens LP ...utom våra liv.
En av de bästa svenska och omöjlig att hitta i digital form.