lördag 5 januari 2008

Dada 36 - Korpen Och Narren 7" 1983

Mutant Sounds posted their first single "Här i fabriken" a while ago and so here is their second and best single "Korpen och narren". They were from Landskrona, also in Skåne a region in the south part of sweden, and released a chameleons-inspired LP as well as the two singles. I had their LP but i lost it with my wife and my life. The b-side is a fantastic song about guilt and paranoia so if you dont know swedish its too bad. Its a great single though, sort of gothic new wave and im sure youll like it:

2 kommentarer:

mamamiaman.98 sa...

Jag kan hjälpa dej med hela Dada 36 katalogen.


qwadro_fx sa...

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