tisdag 1 januari 2008

City Kent - Blixtar 7" 1981

Yes today I offer City Kents second single. They started out as a great punkband in Lund and later began to play a sort of post-punk mixed with influence from Black Sabbath but still within their punk roots. Their records were released on swedens best label ever, Heartwork, run by Henrik Venant, one of the few geniuses in the swedish music scene. Expect more Heartwork releases in the near future. Anyway, back to City Kent, their first single, Cancer, recieved great reviews from the punk press but this single were ignored and got bad reviews and i think they split short after. Still, this is a great record with some great swedish lyrics. I especially like the "chorus" in Blixtar: "Allt, allt är strålskyddsbehandlat!" which means something like "Everything, everything is radiationproof". Told you my english sucks.

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Toxxy sa...

Hey there! Great site you've started, congrats! Lookin' forward to many more Swedish punk jewels! Talking punk, you Swedes were (are!) always better than us Danes - way better! - and you had/have tons of f*ckin' great bands, we only had a handful... :-(


Toxxy (DK)

qwadro sa...

jag vet att dom har sina belackare pga sången men håller helhjärtat med - bung är bland det bästa! att dom delade replokal med garbochock,mina absoluta favoriter, är nästan.. ja jag vet inte vad.

men den här är ju faktiskt rätt lätt att få tag på... jag tycker nästan udda-materialet är värt en egen post. det osläppta från fenix...-skivan och dom grymma no wave-spektaklen från eldbegängelse. don't make me start ANOTHER bloody swe-wave blog:PKia Cooling FanSave The Date Cards