torsdag 3 januari 2008

V/A - Heartwork Live Klubb 2000 MP 1981

This compilation is, again, one of the best records in the world. I will be saying that a lot since so many great bands came from sweden and recorded so many great albums and singles. Being another release from the great Heartwork label it contained many bands from the local scene in Lund with Svart as an exception, they were from Uppsala. The whole record is recorded live at the club 2000, located in the basement of students home Malmö Nation in Lund. Blago Bung does another great song, TT-Reuter fronted by labelboss and magic songwriter Henrik Venant plays a stripped-down version of their hit Ökenliv, Stry from Garbochock reads a poem to open up the record and then implies that the people present should consider if the world around us really is all that there is, City Kent plays their best song ever, a long brooding track about goverment control in the modern world, Svart's song is about a destructive relationship, "Ta alla mina slag!", and then... Vision does one of the best tracks ive ever heard. The bad part is that i dont have an information about them at all. If anyone knows anything about this fantastic band - contact me! And then... enjoy this fantastic compilation:

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jompa sa...

Hittade precis hit och vill bara tacka för en utmärkt blogg. Den här typen av musik har fått alldeles för lite uppmärksamhet, så det är kul att någon som har koll på läget upplyser oss om vad som är bra i genren.

qwadro sa...

jo. jag funderar på att samla ihop allt från venantmp3orna med ett egenhändigt gjort omslag, inspelningarna är alldeles för bra för att försvinna i obskyriteten inom kretsen för oss som kikar in på hemsidan ibland. jag tänkte mest att detta kunde vara en introduktion till deras fantastiska musik.Kia Cooling FanSave The Date Cards