måndag 7 januari 2008

Rädsla - Mannen 7" 1980

Another great band from Lund and as usual on the Heartwork label. Rädsla (meaning Fear) were fronted by "Lunds only skinhead" Tham, existed for about three years and were one of the backbone band of the whole Lund-scene even if their sound didnt quite match the darkness of TT-Reuter or Garbochock. Instead they played slightly catchy powerpop but with a dark edge, mostly found in their lyrics. The lyrics to Mannen is a perfect portrayal of teenage angst and depression in a seemingly meaningless world. I love it. A footnote is that wonderful singer Kai Martin does background vocals on mentioned "Mannen", so the sound you hear towards the end that sounds like a saxophone is in fact Kai and his falsetto. Their MP will follow soon, until then:

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