fredag 25 januari 2008

Svart - Sår 7" 1980

Svart were from Uppsala and were the brainchild of Jan Svenungson and Caiza Almén. They were heavily inspired by Souxsie and the Banshees but doesnt really sound like them, rather like great wavepop with pretentious and at times strange lyrics. On this release they were backed up by two members of local ska-punkband N-Liners, Peter Eriksson (bassplayer on track 2 & 4) and Peter Eriksson on drums, later found in Webstrarna, and Henrik Flygare who were part of Svart at this time on bass on the rest of the tracks. Jan nowadays is an acclaimed artist and you can visit his page here. Also make sure you check out their great and only album at mutantsounds. The Man Rayadaption on the cover is priceless and oh this ep was released on the famous Stranded label and also co-produced by labelowner Klas Lunding.

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Anonym sa...

The Peter Eriksson who played on this was not in Webstrarna, he was the drummer in Rävjunk. Bass is played by Henrik Flygare. Their regular drummer wasn't proficient so they got Peter Eriksson to play on this.

The changed set-up after the EP was recorded.

Sybil sa...
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