söndag 6 januari 2008

Unter Den Linden / Att Som - ST LP 1982

To follow up on the Att Som post here's the LP they recorded together with Unter Den Linden. Its a weird collaboration really because its not a split LP, the members of the two bands just played their instruments and material together so i guess the two bands morphed into a whole. This is another one of those "best records of the world ever" and i just love the heavy Joy Division influence that surges through the whole album. The production is great as well, as its produced by Hans Thunberg (member of Hjärnstorm, Elegi etc), and i find it very hard to point out a track that stands out from the others. Theyre all great! You all better learn swedish fast so you can dive into the black metaphors of the lyrics, with themes about death, love and accidental murders. The track "Att döda ett barn" is a musical adaption of the great swedish author Stig Dagermans short story with the same name. More Unter Den Linden coming soon but until then make sure you listen to this album many times:

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NotBot sa...

Lysande platta, lysande blog. Jag skulle inte tacka nej till Utom Våra Liv lpn om du sitter och trycker på den också? Jag har en hygglig rip på Vända Innåt sjuan att byta med om du är sugen? ^_^

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