fredag 11 januari 2008

Dansdepartementet - ST LP 1984

More from swedens only gothband, at least theyre the only band that captured the gothic tendencies that international bands, say from UK or Middleeurope, used so well. The rest of the swedish post-punk leaned more towards an unique swedish feeling that cannot be heard from any other country. Not to say that Dansarna were poseurs or unoriginal, they did great music but i cannot see the distinct swedish quality about them. At least not on this album. This debut-LP was recorded live with songs from their early years. You can still feel the Killing Joke inspiration but also bits of the "batcave"scene in London and the lyrics is almost painstakingly gothic, with titles like "Cancerstad (Cancertown)", "Hennes Mörka (Her Dark), "Svarta Brev (Black Letters)" and so forth. My favorite line is "Jag kan få döden att skratta åt sig själv (I can make death laugh at himself)". Fantastic!

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Anonym sa...

great! ser fram emot dom andra DD-skivorna!

piccic sa...

I have discovered them through music exchange with a swedish fan. I am Italian and I liked them, at first I find them very original, and although I felt the percussive features so typical of Killing Joke I did not make a close association, so I was curious to hear why do you say so. Isn't it maybe because you hear them in your language? It happens to me, I see this in our Italian new wave band Diaframma, whose first record is very influenced by Joy Division, but I would not have said that of Dansdepartementet.

Which bands you would suggest to represent the new wave with what you consider a specific quality of Swedish music?

piccic sa...

Ah, and again: thank you! :-)