fredag 4 januari 2008

V/A - Punk Är Trevligt Jazz Är Farligt LP 1980

Todays offering to the gods is another compilation from Heartwork. The title means something like "Punk is nice, jazz is dangerous" and compiles a lot of great bands from the Lund/Malmö area in the south of sweden. TT-Reuter with singer/guitarist Venant does two great tracks, one livetrack from their first album, and one you dont find on any other album. The other songs is unique for this compilation as well. Another of Heartworks greatest bands, Garbochock, does two fantastic tracks and the first one is a real killer. Martti LeThargie in a pre-Blago Bung constellation also does two great tracks of minimal synth equality. The rest of the bands are quite obscure, except for City Kent, D.Kon were from Lund i think and existed only for a little while. Soldat Opiat were from malmö and i dont have any information about them at all. Both Hemliga Bosse (Secret Bosse) and Robert Widén released records on Heartwork but the tracks presented here are much better than their singles (though Widéns LP is really god pop-punk and will appear here later). Finally R. Metzenger where some of you might recognize Henrik Venants highly original vocals, i think it was a one-time band that only played a few concerts and then evolved into another loose band centered around Venant. All in all its a fantastic compilation, i mean, all the songs are pure masterpieces. Enjoy it:

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Anonym sa...

D*mn nice post! Thx! Got any more Swedish comps? A few requests:

302:an från Fullersta
Swedish Tracks ´79
37 Minuter i Stockholms City


Albin sa...

thanks for the request. however three of those compilations is quite boring and i will probably not post them. 37 minuter i stockholm city on the other hand is coming soon!

Anonym sa...

Phew..!...I lost the bookmark to your blog but luckily I found it again! Now you're "double-bookmarked"! :-)

Okay, lookin' forward to "37 Minuter i Stockholms City"...TAK!!

Anonym sa...

R. Metzenger var en pseudonym för Venant, Martti LeThargie, Stry och Peter Strauss.

Anonym sa...

Soldat opiat was mats svensson, from räkhosta, ola åstrand, the artist, eva sjuve, from kabinett död, and the bass player...?

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