fredag 11 januari 2008

Danse De Partement 1 - Besserwisser 7" 1983

Swedens own version of Killing Joke: Dansdepartementet (here knowns as Danse De Partement 1, if pronounced in swedish it forms the word Dansdepartementet). They were from Jönköping and, unlike other postpunk bands in sweden, lasted quite long. They called it quits in 1989 and produced three LPs and a bunch of singles. All of them will appear here sooner or later as theyre all great. A funny thing though is that singer Mikael Syrén nowadays runs a comedyshow in sweden, which is kind of weird considering his gothic lyrics:

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Ha ha, visst ja, kvarteret skatan.
Jag satt ett tag och funderade namnet när jag såg serien första gången och kollade sen upp namnet och fick mig ett litet gott skratt.
Denna skiva kommer alltid finnas i mitt hjärta.

jonathan sa...

Hej, any chance of a re up on this amazing 7'?